June Lake Loop Performing Arts Association
June Lake Loop Performing Arts Association

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Q: Can I bring a Motor-home?

Of course! Motor-homes can be accommodated at Pine Cliff, June Lake RV park, Silver Lake, and Grant Lake. The June Lake Chamber of Commerce is also a great please to find further campgrounds.

Q: Can I bring pets? Which hotels allow pets?

Pets are welcome to the festival. Please be aware there there will be a fair amount of people and plan according when you choice to bring your pet to an outdoor event.

Fern Creek, Big Rock, Gull Lake Lodge, and the Villager are the hotels that allow pets.

Q: What is the weather like?

Mid October is a dynamic time of weather change in the High Sierra.  Winter is coming!
There will be beautiful golden Aspens, with possibilities of snow.  The days will be crisp and sunny. It may bet windy and down to freezing at night.
A wonderful opportunity for coats, caps, mufflers, gloves, & boots.  Dress in layers.  If there is snow, it will melt quickly, so no need for chains, but if you have a set, would not hurt to throw them in the car.


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