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June Lake Loop Mountain Music Festival History of Free Kids Music Camp

The Free Kids Music Camp was launched in 2010 in concert with the Music Festival, and has been a treasure to the youngsters and visitors in June Lake ever since.  The kids really look forward to this enriching summer activity.  The directors and teachers are comprised of credentialed and certified professionals, who are well versed in childhood education and musicology, as well as being professional musicians who perform in the festival.  This provides our young musicians with the opportunity to have a real-life musical experience.  For 5 days, they build their set list toward performing in the festival with their
mentors on the main stage Saturday.  Ages range from first grade to high school.  Parents are welcome to bring younger siblings in to enjoy the music as well, and often times the parents are wonderful helpers. The curriculum is divided into age appropriate groups and is designed to be interactive between the youngsters and the older kids.  We assess the skills of the students and match them up with the appropriate instruments, and they often bring their own. They vocalize, harmonize, and use percussion instruments, guitars, ukuleles and other assorted instruments. The workshops are divided into 2 sections with a snack in between.  From 2 to 5pm, the June Lake Community Center, overlooking beautiful Gull Lake, is home for the workshops. Because of our generous donors, we can offer this wonderful program free of charge.


Directors and Staff

China Tamblyn Cunniffe, Producer and Director of Musical Theater for Ross Valley Schools in Marin. China has her degree in early childhood education and art and is herself a performing musician and fine artist.

Bonnie Murray Tamblyn,
Lead Teacher – Singer/Songwriter/& Veteran educator; worked with kids for over 20 years with the Council in Schools Program (ojaifoundation.org). Artist in Residence for 4 years for the June Lake Artist Guild Kids Summer Art Camp.  Founder of June Lake LOOP Performing Arts Association & the Music Festival.

Patrick Ferguson,
Camp Administrator & Teacher; classically trained bassist, volunteers at the Lee Vining Pre School’s Music Program. Plays upright bass with Sweetwater String Band.


Elton Cunniffe,  Founder and director of Light Rail Studios and Light Rail Records. Elton has been touring nationally and producing records for 25 years. Elton has been a contributing artist, teacher and performer with the June Lake LOOP festival since its inception

Greg Turner, A bay area artist and song writer. Greg has been  touring the U.S. and Europe for over 20 years and written and recorded dozens of critically acclaimed albums. Greg is returning this year after teaching with June Lake LOOP festival last year. 

Ty Thorpe, A founding member of the west coasts answer to Brooklyn, Hungry Skinny. Ty is an accomplished drummer, songwriter and singer. He currently is working as a free lance recording engineer, web designer and touring musician.

Remi Vale, A founding member of the west coasts answer to Brooklyn, Hungry Skinny. Remi is an accomplished guitar and bass player, singer/ songwriter and leader of a SF based Choir. He currently is working as a free lance recording engineer, web designer and touring musician.

Judy Piazza, Musicologist, Singer-Songwriter, Council Leader and Children's Program Director for the Ojai Foundation.

Tonya Ferguson, classically trained in singing during her youth; was in a cappella choir and operettas; Sang with Sweet Adeline for four years as an adult. Classically trained in piano as a youth, and teaching piano for the last ten years. Classically trained in violin during adulthood; played violin in Eastern Sierra Orchestra for four years; Volunteering at the Lee Vining Pre School’s Music Program for four years.

Sweet Water String Band

In keeping with the Free Kids Music Camp tradition, our teaching team will be comprised of the members of the Sweetwater String Band. This locally grown group will also be headlining for the LOOP Music Festival.  All are accomplished musicians and performers with the focus on traditional Bluegrass and Songwriting. The kids will have a wonderful new experience with this genre.

  • Scott Roberts

Singer, songwriter, mandolin, and guitar in Sweetwater String Band since 2008.

  • David Huebner

Singer, songwriter, cello, and guitar in Sweetwater String Band, the Littlest Birds, and Old Coyote Moon.

  • Jeff Meadway

Lead guitarist Sweetwater String Band and the Core Shots.

  • Amy Grahek

Violin and vocals for the Core Shots since 2010.

  • Brooks Bryant

Vocals, Guitar, and Viola.

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