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Inspired by Nature:  A Writers Retreat 2016, was a beautiful and successful event for the June Lake Loop and Mono County. From the cozy meet’n’greet with wine and cheese and a fire in the fireplace at the Old Heidleberg Lodge, coffee and breakfast at Trout Town Joe, a communal dinner at the Sierra Inn followed by the Salon where the writers presented their works to the intimate group, this event was something truly special.  Our guest author, Mindy Nettifee, held a rich and inspiring seminar in the Bodie Room at the Double Eagle. Serenaded by the great Mark Turnbull, storyteller and troubadour, we wrapped up the evening telling stories of our experiences and awakenings. The closing prompt was “Where is your Wild.” The weather was just as wild, as the first winter storm had arrived which it made it all the more exhilarating. 
The IBN team is regrouping this year, and while we have no official event planned until 2018, there may be a spontaneous reunion when the leaves turn gold again this year. Stay tuned!

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